Tampa Bay, FL

About our Chapter

CSH Tampa Bay FL meets three times a month during the school year. We have monthly field trips and parent fun days. Our mission is to be a ministry to homeschool families and grow in our Catholic faith. We strive to encourage each other in our own unique paths to homeschool. We believe in a Classical approach to education as it gives families an awesome opportunity to explore the world around us in a hands-on approach.

What is a Classical Education? Every education needs a firm and solid foundation. Classical education teaches the truth and beauty of education in a multi-sensory approach, which engages children at all levels of learning. They begin the grammar stage by learning a peg or strand of memory material. CSH teaches eight such strands – language arts, science, Latin, religion, math, history, timeline, and geography. Children enjoy repetition. They sing, dance and chant memory work that will enable them to expand their vocabulary at a very rapid rate. We pause for a moment to learn from the lives of the saints. Then they will dive further into science by exploring in a deeper way than a textbook can teach. Finally, they will explore past art masters by creating their own masterpieces. “There are no mistakes in art.” They will even be given the opportunity to give a short presentation to their classmates. The older student will move beyond the memory strand and start to dissect the information. They will begin to ask questions rather than take the memory work at face value. The IEW class for older students will give them the writing tools necessary to bring the pen alive and write a story never read before or even persuade an audience to take action. CSH is a program for the entire family. We meet three times a month during the school year for three hours and provide not just a park day or a meetup, but a well-rounded academic encounter with our peers.  The tutors are well prepared and the students are required to respect their time in class. This is considered an enrichment program and the parents are asked to further use the material at home. This is not a drop off program as we welcome the parents to participate in class to ensure a rich learning environment for both the student and parent. This is considered a ministry to home school families that provides a rich Catholic learning environment that explores the depths of our faith. Recently the CSH material was given an imprimatur.