Tampa Bay, FL

Meet the Director

Catholic Schoolhouse

CSH had been such a blessing to our family over the past few years. We started with a small group and have grown to a community of 50+ children. Our family of five discovered CSH at a homeschool conference a few years ago. The simplicity of lesson planning, hands-on teaching approach, and the beautifully pictured curriculum has been a cornerstone of our at home learning ever since. Having graduated a homeschooler myself, I understand the immense workload often required of students as they pass from elementary to middle school and onto high school. Keeping all my children on the same page in science, history, religion and more allows our family to enjoy our learning time together. Currently, we are exploring space and enjoyed watching the eclipse from our porch. All my children are learning about Creation to the 1500s this cycle in Tour 2 and in Tour 3 next year we will explore 1500 to the present. Writing has always been a struggle for my son, but with the addition of the IEW writing class my son happily types away. (Okay, I do have to keep on him, but having other students inspire him to work hard has been a blessing:-) 

The mission of CSH Tampa Bay FL is to provide a rich Catholic learning environment that explores the depths of our faith. 

Holy Father,
You called Elizabeth Ann Seton to educate your children.
Inspire us, by her example, to find your will in the present moment. Through her prayers, may we learn to teach others how to love like you. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Teacher.

Beth Dang

Director CSH of Tampa Bay Area