Tampa Bay, FL

Meet the Leadership Team

Frank Rodriguez, Elizabeth Zarkychi, and Nick Methe welcome you to our chapter! Below you will find a little bit about each of us. We look forward to meeting you and growing along with you.

Frank Rodriguez: Co-Director for Outreach & Planning

Welcome!  I first became aware of the Catholic Schoolhouse as a stand-in parent for my granddaughter during the 2018 school year.  I had no idea then that I would come to cherish and embrace this wonderful program and learn to value the Catholic, classical approach to learning rooted in the tradition of our Catholic faith.  My granddaughter enjoyed learning the subjects through the songs and memory work and class day was a very rewarding experience interacting with other students, parents and tutors.  Interestingly, after a career in the military and government service which provided my family and I numerous opportunities to travel and live overseas I found the courses very relevant in preparing our children for their leadership roles in the 21st century. 

Elizabeth Zarycki – Co-Director for Curriculum

We have four children ages 7, 14, 16 and 18 and have been homeschooling for twelve years now with the oldest finishing up his first year of college at Thomas Aquinas College in California.  We use a variety of curriculum in our homeschool which is one reason why Catholic Schoolhouse has been a blessing as it brings us all together for a day each week.  We start the day by attending Mass, followed by a morning of learning in their respective Catholic Schoolhouse classes, and then meet up with CSH friends in the afternoon to socialize. CSH has allowed the kids to learn from an authentically Catholic curriculum and form friendships that encourage each other in faith and virtue.  This is also my second year as a tutor for the upper level art and science classes and I am looking forward to helping our chapter grow and working as a co-director next year.

Nick Methe: Co-Director for Resources 

I am a stay-at-home dad with 3 awesome boys (5,4,2) and a girl due in July of this year!  This is our first year homeschooling and both the boys and myself are learning a lot! I am originally from Nebraska and went to public grade school and Catholic High School.  During college, my faith was not as strong as the social influences around me and I began to fall into some bad habits.  Fortunately, through God’s grace I found my way back to the church and could not be more thankful.  My education in a private Catholic school was good in most areas, but lacked in teaching the morals and doctrines of the Catholic Church.  That is why we were drawn to Catholic Schoolhouse. Not only are we able to give our kids a great classical education, but we can ensure they learn the true teachings of the the Catholic Church.  As we are coming to the end of our first year of homeschooling, we are really enjoying the classical style of education and think that there are many advantages offered by the Catholic Schoolhouse curriculum. If you feel the same way, please don’t hesitate to contact us!